Employee of the Month, March 2016 – Meet Ajkuna

We are pleased to announce our Employee of the Month Recipient for the month of March, Ajkuna! Ajkuna has been living in Calgary for the past 11 years and speaks both English and Bosnian. Her favourite sports include soccer and basketball. Outside of work her hobbies consist of cooking and baking, as well as cycling during the warmer months. We want to thank Ajkuna for all of her hard work and commitment to our clients. It is our pleasure to award her as the Employee of the Month for March, 2016. 


Employee of the Month, February 2016

We are pleased to announce that Bashar is our employee of the month for February, 2016. Bashar, was born in Baghdad and has lived in Calgary for 11 years. Apart from English he is fluent in both Arabic and Hebrew. When he’s not working you can catch him and his friends rooting for the Calgary Flames or various Iraqi soccer teams. He has diverse musical taste spanning Arabic, Greek and Turkish music. While his favourite singer is Enrique Iglesias.

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Bashar and his hard work and positive outlook speak for themselves. He is a valuable member of our team and we are pleased to have him as our Employee of the Month Recipient for February, 2016.


SBS Around the World #2

Introducing SBS Around the World #2!

Visit us at www.facebook.com/sbscalgary, and comment with your best guess of where this photo was taken! Every person who comments on the post will be entered in our draw to win a coffee gift card.


Employee of the Month – January, 2016 – Meet Charlie!


Meet Charlie!  

Charlie was born in Manilla but has now been in Calgary for 9 years. One of his favorite activities he has discovered here in Calgary is skating with his family. He’s a big fan of country music and loves rooting for his favorite NBA team, the Toronto Raptor’s. Charlie’s dedication to his work and all around positive attitude brings out the best in his fellow co-workers. It is rare to catch him without a smile on his face.
We would like to congratulate Charlie on being our Employee of the Month Recipient for January, 2016. He is a valuable member of our team and we are pleased to be able to recognize his hard work.

SBS Around the World #1



SBS Around the World #1!

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SBS Around The World

Introducing SBS Around the World!

Here at Select we hold pride in our diverse and multicultural staff. So next time whether you’re visiting abroad, or an interesting destination here within Canada, feel free to snap a picture of you, your family or friends wearing a piece of “SBS” gear.

We are now taking submissions from our employees for “SBS Around the World”. We will feature these photo’s on our facebook page and blog. Employees who submit a photo will be entered in a draw.

However, that isn’t the only way to win! We will be featuring the submissions we receive on facebook.com/sbscalgary, our offical facebook page. The first one is up now! If you “like” the SBS facebook page and “comment” on the picture correctly guessing where it was taken, you will also be entered in a draw for “SBS Around the World”.